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Membership: Becoming a Misfit

Who are the Misfits? (see them here)

Membership Requirements

Demonstrate interest:

Perspective members must attend at least three (3) meetings, functions, or events before pledging. After the perspective member has attended the three required activities, he/she must notify the club members of his/her intent to pledge at the next general membership meeting.

Pledging period:

Pledging will last for 60 days. During this 60 days, both the active members and the pledge will have the opportunity to interact with one another and find out if they are comfortable with each other. During the pledge period it is in the best interest of the pledge to attend as many meetings, functions or events as possible. The pledge may be asked to do certain tasks befitting their status. As a pledge, Misfits pledge "attire" may be required for certain events. The pledge will also accept responsibility for the club's mascot, "Taz", always protecting his virtue, keeping him from harm and "evildoers" that would have their way with him. Pledges found not protecting him may be subject to extension of their pledge period and further "disciplinary" actions.

Becoming a member:

After the 60-day pledging period, the pledge's acceptance into the club will be voted on at the next general membership meeting. A silent vote will be conducted by the active membership. A pledge must receive 2/3-majority vote for membership. The President will inform the pledge at that meeting of the results of the vote. A new member must then pay a $35.00 joining fee, which covers the cost of their patch, pin and name badge. Monthly membership dues are $10.00 per month thereafter. Members also have the option of paying dues for an entire year at once for $100.00. Click here to download an application to become a Misfit.


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